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OpenViBE 0.9.0 released

OpenViBE 0.9.0 has been released last week. As usual, the announce has been posted on the official forum and the complete changelog can be found on the dedicated topic on the forum… In this new release, we added many small useful features for the users. The kind of feature you think of like “that would […]

Enabling socket communication with LuaSocket

A few weeks ago, I’ve been helping a user on the #openvibe IRC channel, to enable socket communication within lua. This post aims at helping interested people do the same LuaSocket is an addition of lua that actually enables socket communication within lua. It provides low level functionalities such as TCP / UDP communication, but […]

Starting the designer from a console

After a few weeks playing with OpenViBE, people usually ask me if it is possible to use OpenViBE as a scenario player, automatically loading and starting a scenario. Well indeed, it is possible to do this. In order to set up the Cite des Sciences demo, we had to install a click & play demo. […]

BrainProducts supports my work

It’s been a long time since my last message… Indeed, I got a summer break… and I am now ready for some more OpenViBE enhancements One of the tasks I am working on currently is creating a Brainamp/Brainamp MR series driver using BrainProducts‘ low level API. The main advantages of such implementation as compared to […]

Keeping dependencies up to date

Part of making software available and usable to everyone includes keeping the dependencies up to date… I already discussed a few things about this in Making open source software available post and promised a later updates… well it won’t be this time Anyway, we had a veeeeery bad time upgrading the outdating Ogre 1.4 to […]

Making open source software available

Today, I want to give you some feedback about making open source software available. One could think that this is as simple as “make your software“, “compress the sources“, “upload them somewhere“, “spread the link“, “done“… but it is not. Indeed, spreading a source code archive doesn’t make the availability of the software to the […]