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How to compile OpenViBE on a new Linux distro

OpenViBE is a portable software, meaning that it addresses several platforms and can be easily adapted to new platforms when needed. At the time of writing this post, OpenViBE is officially supported on two Operating Systems : Windows and Linux. It has been reported to work on Apple’ OSX as well but has not been […]

OpenViBE at Neurocomp 2011

I will present OpenViBE use during a tutorial at Neurocomp 2011 BCI Automn school. It will take place in Nancy, France, Friday next week. It will cover the use of OpenViBE as a software platform for Brain Computer Interfaces and Real Time Neurosciences. I will briefly present the history of the project, the basics of […]

Enabling socket communication with LuaSocket

A few weeks ago, I’ve been helping a user on the #openvibe IRC channel, to enable socket communication within lua. This post aims at helping interested people do the same LuaSocket is an addition of lua that actually enables socket communication within lua. It provides low level functionalities such as TCP / UDP communication, but […]

OpenViBE tutorial slides

During the BCI Meeting, we proposed an (initially planned) three hour tutorial about the OpenViBE software use. I am very proud that we had a full room finally listening to us for almost four hours and a half. Everyone was really interested and we already have a couple of requests from our new users Well, […]

On the road for the BCI meeting

I am on my way for the BCI meeting, preparing luggages, laptops and amplifiers… We will have a special session to teach how to use OpenViBE… I prepared a dozen of 2Gb live usb sticks with OpenViBE installed and ready to work with ! That rocks 😉 See you there…