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LuaWindow, a small lua package for text display in OpenViBE

When using the Lua Stimulator box (or any kind of Lua script actually), it could be useful to present some information to the user in some way. This box allows to send messages to the Log Manager thanks to the box:log function but there is no way to get that to the OpenViBE operator when […]

A look back at 0.10.0 release

Ok, it’s been more than a month now since OpenViBE 0.10.0 has been released (actually 0.10.1 if considering Windows precompiled build 😉 ) and I am somehow late for my look at the release… and ironically, this release contains long time requested features… A new BCI paradigm, welcome SSVEP And yes, this has probably been […]

Blind Source Separation for OpenViBE

Blind Source Separation <i>for</i> OpenViBE

Blind Source Separation or BSS is a very interesting field of signal processing. It consists in transforming a multidimensional signal to a space built of separated “sources”. Blind Source Separation is a generalization of Independent Component Analisys or ICA which supposes the sources are statistically independent. A nice illustration of this is the Cocktail Party […]

Sloccount – A source code analyzer

I just discovered David A. Wheeler’s SLOCCount software This software aims at analyzing the source code of a project and producing statistics about it such as used languages, number of files, number of lines etc… It has an embedded file duplicate detection allowing to produce smart statistics. And it is even able to estimate the […]