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Frequently asked question in India

In this post, I try to answer the three most frequently asked question we had to answer during Techfest. Most of the audience we had was totally naive about BCI technology. For this reason, I believe that at some point, those hearing or reading about BCI probably ask themselves the same questions… Could a BCI […]

Back from India !

Back from India !

We are now back from India and the Techfest exhibition… I must say we had a great time there ! At least 1000 persons came on the booth for explanations and demos about BCI and there applications including helping disabled people and videogames. I have been really excited by the attention that visitors had to […]

OpenViBE booth at TechFest January 7th – 9th

OpenViBE will be demonstrated at the TechFest 2011 at Bombay, January 7th – 9th. This festival is a major event in India, actually Asia’s largest Science and Technology Festival according to the organisators… more than 20.000 participants and 75.000 visitors in 2010 ! The following clip shows what could be expected : TechFest Over the […]