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Decade Of the Mind (DOM) 2010

I’m relaying this message from Brice Rebsamen – who I met at the BCI Meeting – about the Decade Of the Mind 2010 : The Decade of the Mind (DOM) project is an international initiative to advance our scientific understanding of how the mind and complex behaviors are related to the activity of human brains. […]

Ethics and BCI

It’s been a long time since my last post… and this one is a rather serious one… It looks like people in the field of Brain Computer Interfaces get more and more concerned about ethics. I find it rather strange because back a few years ago, I think nobody cared. Scientists were just convinced by […]

Future BNCI

I’d like to mention this new website http://future-bnci.org… Quoted from there : This website is meant to serve as a central resource for information about Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) systems and Brain/Neuronal Computer Interaction (BNCI). Our web page contains many resources for both beginners and experts. There is already many interesting materials. See their videos, their […]