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Open position to work on OpenViBE at GipsaLab, France

There is an open position to work at GipsaLab, Grenoble, France on an OpenViBE based BCI application using P300 and SSVEP. Candidates should send a CV and a motivation letter before January 10th shortly describing their relevant previous experiences to marco dot congedo at gmail dot com. Recommendation letters may be requested later, upon application […]

Hardware tagging of EEG and why you should care

An Event Response Potential or ERP is a brain response to an external stimulation such as a sound, a flash or any event one can perceive. As soon as the brain processes this event, a specific signature or response appears in the brain activity. The brain response occurs in a few 100s of milliseconds after […]

Frequently asked question in India

In this post, I try to answer the three most frequently asked question we had to answer during Techfest. Most of the audience we had was totally naive about BCI technology. For this reason, I believe that at some point, those hearing or reading about BCI probably ask themselves the same questions… Could a BCI […]

Back from India !

Back from India !

We are now back from India and the Techfest exhibition… I must say we had a great time there ! At least 1000 persons came on the booth for explanations and demos about BCI and there applications including helping disabled people and videogames. I have been really excited by the attention that visitors had to […]

OpenViBE 0.8.0 released

OpenViBE 0.8.0 has been released last week. As usual, the announce has been posted on the official forum and the complete changelog can be found on the dedicated topic on the forum… In this release, there has been significant additional work on the acquisition server to enhance device drift and jittering management, to release as […]

Robotic arm controlled by OpenViBE

It’s been 8 months now since the first public release of OpenViBE. The community around the software is growing every days and many people are evaluating or trying to do something new with the software. Today, Dieter Devlaminck, researcher at Ghent University, reported his recent results with OpenViBE : controlling a robotic arm thanks to […]

g.Tec’s intendiX

g.Tec is an austrian company working on Brain Computer Interfaces for years. They build and sell their EEG acquisition hardware which is widely used in the BCI community. We have a 16 channels gUSBamp amplifier at INRIA which works pretty well with gLADYBird active electrodes… However, they recently launched their Personal BCI Speller, namely IntendiX, […]