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Brainmaster devices integration

This is a good news for the Neurofeedback community and a long time feature request from the OpenViBE community : the Brainmaster devices will soon be integrated in OpenViBE. Brainmaster is a leading device manufacturer for Neurofeedback in the US. They have breakthrough devices ranging from 2 to 24 electrodes and including various multi-modal feedback […]

OpenViBE at ISNR conference

Long time I haven’t posted, sorry readers. I hope I can get more time for this blog. OpenViBE will be presented at the annual ISNR conference. ISNR (International Society for Neurofeedback & Research) is a non-profit member organization for health professionals, educators, researchers and students. They organize an annual conference on this topic where health […]

Blind Source Separation for OpenViBE

Blind Source Separation <i>for</i> OpenViBE

Blind Source Separation or BSS is a very interesting field of signal processing. It consists in transforming a multidimensional signal to a space built of separated “sources”. Blind Source Separation is a generalization of Independent Component Analisys or ICA which supposes the sources are statistically independent. A nice illustration of this is the Cocktail Party […]