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LuaWindow is moving ahead !

A few month ago, I wrote about LuaWindow, a small package I have been working on that was able to show text in a GTK window from a Lua script within the OpenViBE Lua Stimulator box. Well, I just added an image loading function so that you can display pictures in addition to text. Installing […]

Why did I choose Lua

I’m asked this question very often as to know why I choose Lua as the first scripting language integrated in OpenViBE. Of course, the two most-wanted languages are Matlab for sig processing & Python for general purpose scripting, including sig processing actually… And I anticipate more and more requests for .NET which is pretty convenient […]

Interesting updates on Channel Selector & Reference Channel boxes

I committed a couple of interesting changes lately that will be released after I leave INRIA… (actually, they are already available in the SVN repository for those who care). It has been reported a number of times that the Channel Selector and the Reference Channel boxes were using 0-based indices. And this is damn like […]

I’ll be leaving INRIA mid-may

After more than one month of silence (actually, can we say a blog is silent ?), I feel like I have to post this important notice here… I’ve passed my last 5 years leading the developments of OpenViBE and it has been a really great experience. However, I recently decided to leave INRIA. This choice […]

Sloccount – A source code analyzer

I just discovered David A. Wheeler’s SLOCCount software This software aims at analyzing the source code of a project and producing statistics about it such as used languages, number of files, number of lines etc… It has an embedded file duplicate detection allowing to produce smart statistics. And it is even able to estimate the […]

BrainProducts supports my work

It’s been a long time since my last message… Indeed, I got a summer break… and I am now ready for some more OpenViBE enhancements One of the tasks I am working on currently is creating a Brainamp/Brainamp MR series driver using BrainProducts‘ low level API. The main advantages of such implementation as compared to […]

Adding new classifiers to OpenViBE

Summer is tiiiiiiiime to coooooode I know that several people have been interested in implementing new classifiers in OpenViBE. Indeed, the current release only proposes a basic LDA… This is a widely used classifier in BCI but one must admit that a lot of research and comparison has been done on EEG data classification and […]

Making open source software available

Today, I want to give you some feedback about making open source software available. One could think that this is as simple as “make your software“, “compress the sources“, “upload them somewhere“, “spread the link“, “done“… but it is not. Indeed, spreading a source code archive doesn’t make the availability of the software to the […]