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My latest OpenViBE and BCI related work shown at Cap’Com

I will show my latest work on OpenViBE and Brain Computer Interfaces at “Les 4èmes rencontres nationales communications & technologies nouvelles” Cap’Com Thursday April 5th in the emerging technologies showroom at “l’Hôtel de la Métropole de Rennes”. People visiting will have the opportunity to see, among other stuff, new breakthrough brain activity visualisations for OpenViBE…

Adastra & Brainarium

There are two new applications taking advantage of OpenViBE I’d like to point out. Adastra is a .NET framework developed by Anton Andreev. It natively connects with the OpenViBE designer through VRPN. It is also able to kindly close the designer when a scenario is finished. This framework can be used as the basis of […]

Frequently asked question in India

In this post, I try to answer the three most frequently asked question we had to answer during Techfest. Most of the audience we had was totally naive about BCI technology. For this reason, I believe that at some point, those hearing or reading about BCI probably ask themselves the same questions… Could a BCI […]

Back from India !

Back from India !

We are now back from India and the Techfest exhibition… I must say we had a great time there ! At least 1000 persons came on the booth for explanations and demos about BCI and there applications including helping disabled people and videogames. I have been really excited by the attention that visitors had to […]

OpenViBE booth at TechFest January 7th – 9th

OpenViBE will be demonstrated at the TechFest 2011 at Bombay, January 7th – 9th. This festival is a major event in India, actually Asia’s largest Science and Technology Festival according to the organisators… more than 20.000 participants and 75.000 visitors in 2010 ! The following clip shows what could be expected : TechFest Over the […]

Starting the designer from a console

After a few weeks playing with OpenViBE, people usually ask me if it is possible to use OpenViBE as a scenario player, automatically loading and starting a scenario. Well indeed, it is possible to do this. In order to set up the Cite des Sciences demo, we had to install a click & play demo. […]

OpenViBE demonstrated at “La cité des sciences et de l’industrie”, Paris – Part 2 !

Great news, I recently got the information that the Tech’ Galerie exhibition at La cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris has turned from temporary to permanent exhibition. That involves that the OpenViBE “Use the force” demonstration will now be showcased on the g.Tec gUSBamp amplifier with no limit of time, until visitors don’t […]

Setting up an experiment environment – Part 2

Well, I think the article about Setting up an experiment environment with OpenViBE was quite appreciated… I can now write about an application Laurent quickly made for the Cité des sciences demo. We expect many people to test the application in the next 6 months so it was important not to mess things up with […]

OpenViBE demonstrated at “La cité des sciences et de l’industrie”, Paris

OpenViBE demos and videos are currently being showed at the Tech’ Galerie exhibition at La cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris. The demonstration set-up uses the g.Tec gUSBamp amplifier with three active electrodes… This is convenient for such demonstration because the preparation / installation is very fast. The Lutin Userlab, a research group […]

Robotic arm controlled by OpenViBE

It’s been 8 months now since the first public release of OpenViBE. The community around the software is growing every days and many people are evaluating or trying to do something new with the software. Today, Dieter Devlaminck, researcher at Ghent University, reported his recent results with OpenViBE : controlling a robotic arm thanks to […]