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OpenViBE and Debian packages

Debian packages for OpenViBE have been a long time feature request… it may have been one of the firsts after the 2009 public release ! The neurodebian distro even had a TODO item to get a clean OpenViBE integration in their distro… Unfortunately, this whole interest did not end up with a clean package so […]

How to compile OpenViBE on a new Linux distro

OpenViBE is a portable software, meaning that it addresses several platforms and can be easily adapted to new platforms when needed. At the time of writing this post, OpenViBE is officially supported on two Operating Systems : Windows and Linux. It has been reported to work on Apple’ OSX as well but has not been […]

OpenViBE of interest to be packaged in some Linux distros

While browsing the web last week looking for “made with” candidates, I found out that some attempts had been made to package OpenViBE in Linux distros such as Debian-Med and OpenSuse. I am very happy to see such event happening. Indeed, this is not only OpenViBE users here, but actually people wanting to make OpenViBE […]