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Making customizable scenarios

Today, I want to blog about a new feature introduced in the 0.9.0 release : the ability to use configuration token in all the settings of a scenario. This post is kind of an update or enhancement of the Setting up an experiment environment one… In case you don’t remind this post, I suggest that […]

The logging functionalities of OpenViBE

As many software, OpenViBE has the ability to log several things that happened during a session… As many software users, OpenViBE users seem not to notice the log messages… Or maybe they notice it but simply ignore it… Printing colorful logs in the console is not just cool. It gives some information… Sometimes this information […]

Setting up an experiment environment – Part 2

Well, I think the article about Setting up an experiment environment with OpenViBE was quite appreciated… I can now write about an application Laurent quickly made for the Cité des sciences demo. We expect many people to test the application in the next 6 months so it was important not to mess things up with […]

Setting up an experiment environment

Doing a scientific experiment generally involves some methodology in order to store / organize / backup the recorded data in a convenient way. OpenViBE proposes a few tools for this, mainly thanks to the configuration manager, and this is what I want to blog about today. The configuration manager basically stores a list of token […]