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OpenViBE tutorial slides

During the BCI Meeting, we proposed an (initially planned) three hour tutorial about the OpenViBE software use. I am very proud that we had a full room finally listening to us for almost four hours and a half. Everyone was really interested and we already have a couple of requests from our new users Well, […]

Ethics and BCI

It’s been a long time since my last post… and this one is a rather serious one… It looks like people in the field of Brain Computer Interfaces get more and more concerned about ethics. I find it rather strange because back a few years ago, I think nobody cared. Scientists were just convinced by […]

On the road for the BCI meeting

I am on my way for the BCI meeting, preparing luggages, laptops and amplifiers… We will have a special session to teach how to use OpenViBE… I prepared a dozen of 2Gb live usb sticks with OpenViBE installed and ready to work with ! That rocks 😉 See you there…