OpenViBE 0.12.0 released

The 0.12.0 version of OpenViBE has been released last week ! As usual, the announce has been posted on the official forum and the complete changelog can be found on the dedicated topic on the forum…

This new release brings a major update for the support team : native support of Emotiv device. Actually this is not exactly native support. The windows version of OpenViBE is now compiled along the Emotiv research SDK but the runtime files are not included with OpenViBE. That means one must still have the Emotiv research SDK to use OpenViBE. However he will not have to build the software from sources ! That will save everyone, users & support team, a lot of time. No more need for a dedicated building tutorial :) !

The Matlab Filter box has also been upgraded and is now included in the release. No more need to build OpenViBE along to Matlab ! I’m glad that this box is finally being used and that some feedback is coming back to the core team. Joan did a pretty good job at hacking the undocumented prototype I wrote more than two years ago ! I hope that Matlab addicted developers will have fun in using this box and that it will offer new opportunities. In a similar way, the upcoming Python box will probably be a boost for the community too…

Also, the Stream Synchronization box is a long time request of the community, provided by the engineering team at GipsaLab (namely Nicolas, Matthieu and Gelu). This new box basically allows to resync the acquisition of two devices. When acquiring signals from multiple devices, it is important to keep them synced. The drift correction of the acquisition server already guarantees that no drifting is happening between the two devices. But the samples may be constantly shifted from one stream to the other, due to hardware acquisition latency. This is where this box can be used. Based on hardware triggers, it recomputes a proper offset to apply to the signal samples in order to make them perfectly synced. Such scenario would look like this :

Stream Synchronization

Removing the constant time offset of two acquisition devices

It’s probably now time to download and enjoy this new release 😉

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