OpenViBE 0.9.0 released

OpenViBE 0.9.0 has been released last week. As usual, the announce has been posted on the official forum and the complete changelog can be found on the dedicated topic on the forum…

In this new release, we added many small useful features for the users. The kind of feature you think of like “that would be great but that’s just not important to add for now” and finally never add… I’m talking about saving the last opened scenarios, enabling automatic playback of a scenario from command line, hiding the main window of the designer etc… All these smart features make the user experience better than in previous releases.

There has been some work on the acquisition server as well… A new driver has been added for the EGI‘s Net Amps 300 amplifier. The Brain Products drivers have also been improved with a stabilized version of the Brain Vision Recorder driver (thanks to Emmanuel Maby) and an updated version of the BrainAmp Series driver including multi amplifier support. This last feature allows the acquisition of up to 4 BrainAmp (128 channels) simultaneously.

I should note that the BrainAmp Series driver was developed by me as an individual with the support of Brain Products. I wrote a note about this integration in their latest newsletter. Feel free to contact me for any OpenViBE related development you’d need…

Meanwhile, just download and enjoy this new release 😉

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