OpenViBE of interest to be packaged in some Linux distros

While browsing the web last week looking for “made with” candidates, I found out that some attempts had been made to package OpenViBE in Linux distros such as Debian-Med and OpenSuse. I am very happy to see such event happening. Indeed, this is not only OpenViBE users here, but actually people wanting to make OpenViBE available to larger audience ! I believe this is a sign that a real community is actually currently being created, after more than one year of support and evangelism. Unfortunately, they have not been able to successfully build and/or package the software yet (Debian based distros should compile OpenViBE with no major problem – OpenSuse is not supported and I know there are a few dependencies issues)…

Several months ago, I took a couple of days to try to build .deb packages without success. This is not as trivial as it looks like. I guess I, as the software expert, should help a packaging expert to build the software so he can actually create and spread the packages… Any packager interested, feel free to contact me !

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