OpenViBE 0.8.0 released

OpenViBE 0.8.0 has been released last week. As usual, the announce has been posted on the official forum and the complete changelog can be found on the dedicated topic on the forum…

In this release, there has been significant additional work on the acquisition server to enhance device drift and jittering management, to release as much CPU as possible – allowing older computers to run both acquisition server & designer with no problem – and to handle each client connection in a separated thread. This results in significantly better performances in sync-critical scenarios such as P300 spellers.

There are two other things that I consider significant in this release.

  • there is an Emtovi EPOC driver in the source release. We have not been allowed to spread a precompiled version of this driver as you must own the Emotiv Research SDK (or any superior version) in order to use it. So owners of this SDK, please download the source version of OpenViBE and build the software from there. The procedure is all explained in the installation guide and in the dedicated FAQ entry.
  • the first version of the BrainAmp series driver has been integrated in this release (compatible with Brainamp Standard, Brainamp DC, Brainamp MR and Brainamp MR plus). I created this driver in the context of a cooperation with BrainProducts. It uses low level communication with the device and drops the dependency to BrainVision Recorder, resulting in better latency. The next release will hopefully include support for multi-amplifiers.

I feel like the software is getting better and better at each release… I look forward to your feedbacks.

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