OpenViBE 0.7.0 released

Indeed, OpenViBE 0.7.0 has been released today. The announce has been posted on the official forum and the complete changelog can be found on the dedicated topic on the forum…

I found this release a beautiful one. The stability of the software is getting better and better and many things have been added to simplify the user experience.

Also, a first low cost device has been integrated to this release : the Neurosky Mindset. This device only costs 200$ which is really cheap for anyone to test… Of course you should not expect using OpenViBE’s P300 Speller with this device (that may be obvious to people knowing how it works). But you could still try the tie fighter VR application with the electrode put on top of the head (at Cz). This one should work quite well :)

Enoy that release 😉

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