OpenViBE and Debian packages

Debian packages for OpenViBE have been a long time feature request… it may have been one of the firsts after the 2009 public release ! The neurodebian distro even had a TODO item to get a clean OpenViBE integration in their distro… Unfortunately, this whole interest did not end up with a clean package so […]

Brainmaster devices integration

This is a good news for the Neurofeedback community and a long time feature request from the OpenViBE community : the Brainmaster devices will soon be integrated in OpenViBE. Brainmaster is a leading device manufacturer for Neurofeedback in the US. They have breakthrough devices ranging from 2 to 24 electrodes and including various multi-modal feedback […]

My latest OpenViBE and BCI related work shown at Cap’Com

I will show my latest work on OpenViBE and Brain Computer Interfaces at “Les 4èmes rencontres nationales communications & technologies nouvelles” Cap’Com Thursday April 5th in the emerging technologies showroom at “l’Hôtel de la Métropole de Rennes”. People visiting will have the opportunity to see, among other stuff, new breakthrough brain activity visualisations for OpenViBE…

LuaWindow is moving ahead !

A few month ago, I wrote about LuaWindow, a small package I have been working on that was able to show text in a GTK window from a Lua script within the OpenViBE Lua Stimulator box. Well, I just added an image loading function so that you can display pictures in addition to text. Installing […]

How to compile OpenViBE on a new Linux distro

OpenViBE is a portable software, meaning that it addresses several platforms and can be easily adapted to new platforms when needed. At the time of writing this post, OpenViBE is officially supported on two Operating Systems : Windows and Linux. It has been reported to work on Apple’ OSX as well but has not been […]

BCI technology will be presented at the next “Mobile Monday” event

Mobile Monday is an event co-organized by La Cantine Numérique Rennaise and Rennes Atalante focusing on mobile technologies. The next session will be about the revolution of interfaces and human computer interaction. It will take place at La Cantine Numérique Rennaise January 16th, featuring my friends at Tactilia, leaders in touch technologies, Orange Labs for […]

Happy new year !

Hey there, I’d like to send my best wishes to all my readers with a happy and healthy new year I have been quite silent this last weeks, but I have several interesting articles in the pipe… Stay tuned !

Open position to work on OpenViBE at GipsaLab, France

There is an open position to work at GipsaLab, Grenoble, France on an OpenViBE based BCI application using P300 and SSVEP. Candidates should send a CV and a motivation letter before January 10th shortly describing their relevant previous experiences to marco dot congedo at gmail dot com. Recommendation letters may be requested later, upon application […]

OpenViBE at Neurocomp 2011

I will present OpenViBE use during a tutorial at Neurocomp 2011 BCI Automn school. It will take place in Nancy, France, Friday next week. It will cover the use of OpenViBE as a software platform for Brain Computer Interfaces and Real Time Neurosciences. I will briefly present the history of the project, the basics of […]

Hardware tagging of EEG and why you should care

An Event Response Potential or ERP is a brain response to an external stimulation such as a sound, a flash or any event one can perceive. As soon as the brain processes this event, a specific signature or response appears in the brain activity. The brain response occurs in a few 100s of milliseconds after […]